INCLUDED: House only, taxes and land extra
  • New energy efficiency building code
  • Land properly leveled (rough)
  • New house 5-year guarantee by A.C.Q.
  • 1 year warranty on after service sale
  • If applicable, tax rebate already applied on the preliminary contract
  • Facade brick (as per plan)
  • Vinyl on three (3) sides
  • Aluminium eaves (facia) 2'' x 6'' single 4 sides
  • 25 year asphalt shingles (Mystique) (maximum ventilation)
  • Concrete balcony in front and 8' x 8' deck in pressure-treated lumber in the back yard
  • Parging (no guaranty)
  • White garage door (8 x 7) with a white insulated steel service door
  • Insulated steel front door with design
  • 100% PVC windows in front (colour white) certified "energy star"
  • White sliding (thermos) windows on sides, back wall and basement, screen included
  • Three (3) basement windows included 55'' x 24''
  • Single or double driveway as per garage and walkway in crushed stone
  • R24.5 for walls, R41 ceiling blown insulation
  • Basement urethane R17, R5 beneath concrete floor with vapor barrier (polythène)
  • 200 amp electrical panel
  • Smoke detectors one on each level, one (1) door bell, electrical switches (Decora style)
  • Finished wall covers telephone (3) & cable outlets (2)
  • Two (2) electrical GFI switches outside (front and back)
  • Electrical outlets for washer, dryer, dish washer
  • Six (6) electrical outlets in the basement, garage one (1) ceiling outlet
  • Outside electrical outlets, (2) in facade, (2) beside garage door, (1) beside garage service door and (1) beside the back patio door
  • Bath Tandem corner bath or Simplicity 32"x 60" as per plan
  • Shower neo-angle or square 32" x 34" as per model (Ceramic shower not included)
  • Hot water tank (60 gallons)
  • Waters outlet for dish washer
  • One (1) antifreeze exterior water outlet, One (1) cold water outlet in garage
  • Stainless steel double kitchen sink with central faucet and sprayer
  • Included 1 sink per bathroom or 2 if indicated on the plan (Pedestal sink if on plan)
  • Moen faucets
  • Cushion floor, kitchen, dining room & powder room
  • Ceramic tiles in the main bathroom & front entrance
  • If second full bathroom on plan ceramic included
  • Carpeting with quality under padding, living room, hallways, stairways, bedrooms & family room
  • 8 foot ceiling
  • White paint 2 coats (off white)
  • Mirror doors entrance closet
  • Modern banister to varnish or paint (if staircase)
  • Vacuum outlet rough as per plan
  • Finishing moldings & baseboard no. 8
  • Doors model 650 with folding closet doors
  • Included in closets, poles, shelving, shelving above washer & dryer, std hardware
  • Basement drywall installed without plastering on the outside basement walls
  • Garage drywall with plastering
  • Kitchen cabinets maximum 25 p.l. in melamine choice of various colors
  • Bathroom vanities in melamine, main bathroom vanity 6' maximum
  • Mirror included in the main bathroom and if full second bathroom
  • Cleaning of premises before delivery
Not included:
  • Paved driveway, grass, sidewalk and shed
  • Notary fees (Notary Me Claude Chamberland (450) 455-5709)
  • Tree cutting after foundation excavation
  • Outside & inside decoration (brick wall, brick design, decorative molding, arches, shutters)
  • Key stones, french corners
  • Thermo pump or air conditioning
  • Fireplace and propane tank
  • Eaves troughs
  • Ceiling molding decoration (Ogee)
  • Alarm system and wiring
  • Room electrical outlet ceiling
  • Finishing basement, paint in basement & garage
  • Color on the walls
  • Connection telephone, cable & dishwasher
  • Exterior & interior spot lights
  • Utility sink
  • Window grills, garden doors
  • Color windows & color garage door
  • Cupboard over washer & dryer
  • Mirror in powder room
  • The installation of special (no std) light fixtures and ceiling fans will be charged by our electrician at an hourly rate
  • The installation of special (no std) kitchen hood & microwave fan will be charged by our service man at an hourly rate
  • Please note: No authorisation will be given to the customers to finish their own basement (plumbing, electricity and wall finishing) before delivery.
  • Electrical central heating system (Carrier)
  • Active air and heat exchangers, humidifier
  • Electrical fan in each bathroom